Activations of Light for the New Human … by Alice

Awakening with Planet Earth

Dear Ones,

Here’s an activation of light I received last night. If you would like to do it, please speak the words out loud. If you make a mistake with a word, you can start over again…

Spirit to Team!
Disengage all other species other races software
Unless it’s for the benefit of the All through Free Will!

By ‘race’ is not meant that which folks on Earth sometimes quibble o’er…

This activation removes ancestral animal memories … mammalian and earlier life forms. It also removes software installed by the ‘demon hordes’ … nonhuman powerover 4D races.

Making way for the Incoming Light … the software programming of the New Human hologram. And here is that series of activations:

Spirit to Team!
Optimize Soul Purpose! Optimize Soul Missions!
Optimize Timelines and Dimensional Awareness!
Download Light and Install at comfortable intervals!
For the All and through Free Will!

Greatest blessings of the Now!


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