Light bulb moment …

Light bulb moment: I realized that while I may have seen a way for someone to improve there patterns in life before they could see it sort of like a gut feeling….I was giving advice. I realized majority of the world does the SAME thing. If we are all spiritual or Christians as we say we are….then I believe it’s time we stop giving advice as statements ….but rather as questions!! Example: next time you’re with a friend or love one or even a co worker if u see there going through something and their sharing it with you ask more questions to help them figure it out….they will then question themselves in a POSITIVE way. This will create a LASTING change for the ones we love instead of giving advice that “goes in one ear and out the other” I challenge you to do this today. 

Lets b freakin happy! Heheee Energy to Everyone! 🙂
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