Rain rain go away…starseed Blues 

Lost in a world full of ideas thoughts actions that seem so foreign to me. How come I am the only one in my world who sees things the way I do. I’ve done years of reading and studying of our human race and still I have yet to find my kind. I long to find the day when I can hear, smell touch and feel the exact way someone else does ……but not because we are exactly the same but because where “we” come from that’s how our people talk, that’s the kind of music we listen to that’s the way we learn. That’s the we treat others. And it’s so morally high we don’t have room for error. In a romantic relationship you truly know honor you truly know what it’s like to know how to love someone deeply madly truly mind, body and spirit without thought of another. It’s been a long journey this life. It wasn’t until recently when I began to truly explore the whole ascension process that I truly began to “Wake up” and see that there are more like me out there who are asking the right questions talking about other worldly things and it’s definitely  been therapy for my soul to know there is more to this life and that maybe the reason I’ve always felt like the black sheep who never fits in who always questions everything was due to the fact I am not of this world. Crazy or not at this point I don’t care. Always walking on egg shells because majority wants me to stay quiet for what? What I am saying is heaven on earth human angel like thinking and being loving thy neighbor as thy self …..steady pacing in my dream state of mind because of not then I must take in the wrath of the outer world who doesn’t honor life or people or things the way I do. It sure is pleasure to see more open minded free souls. I’m sure they’ve been around for so long I just was asleep and now that I’m awake I’m just trying to find my way….Guess I’m still longing for the day I am able to find my origins because it’s not here. I look around and find that no one around me is like me I’m not saying this in a sense that I’m better by NO means do I mean this….i am only saying why am I always standing up for what I believe every second of everyday sometimes even for the smallest of things why am I am always teaching others how to love or how things should be done in Gods eyes how come I seem to be the Only one anywhere near me that seems to know how to show love do love be love I’m so tired of telling or showing I just want to be free and someone show me! I felt bad in just that moment because when I say that I need to mention that my beautiful Supreme Almighty God the amazing Ascended Masters, my Guardian Angels and my Spirit guides have ALWAYS been there for me showing me the way paving the way and illuminating my path to show me and teach me everything I know for that I am thankful!!!!! Until the day I am one again within this ultimate plan I’ll simply allow this life to continue unfolding as it should I only express the longing to know more TRUTHS! 


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