Astrology for March 15-21, 2015



Wow! What a week ! Were you unusually tired about mid-week last week? have you been feeling like Mercury is retrograde again? If so you are not alone. Just roll with it all and you should be fine.

Cyclone Pam is not the only thing wreaking havoc. Keep those seat belts fastened folks,  cause this week is sure to be another wild one.  I think I have said before, this entire year is expected to be a wild one. Have no fear (fear will only harm you), it won’t all be bad. There will be many good parts to this year too.  If there ever was a time to believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason, this year and possibly the next 3 or so will be years to believe just that!

I had no idea until last Sunday that I was going to take a week off…

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