Holy Moly!

This is so right on thanks Journey to Gaia for posting!

Journeys on Gaia


Image Source: NASAhttp://sec.gsfc.nasa.gov/popscise.jpg

Hi everybody!

We are going through some “turbulence” that is very beneficent for us right now. We had solar flares last week and now today on Saint Patty’s day there is a severe geomagnetic storm going on. According to Space Weather it is the strongest geomagnetic storm of the current solar cycle. A couple of days ago a meteor exploded in Southern Germany. We are being bombarded with new frequencies of light, on our way to our Selves all the while! All in all it has been an ntense time and we are being bombarded with light. What is basically happening is our frequency is rising! Time to celebrate! Yet… all of these can create some havoc in the physical fields and thus in the physical body. You might feel unusually hungry, or not hungry at all, develop strange eating habits and cravings. Do the Unified Chakra

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