La petite mort

Now isn’t this all the truth!

spinning the light

solarIts been a super-intense week. First, a crash into…what?…intense physical pain, overwhelm, leaden emotions the likes of which I could hardly remember (though I knew their demeanour well enough to realise we had met before); this all came from nowhere while I was busily, happily going about my work. Intense food cravings followed by complete loss of appetite. Dizzy spells, insomnia, ear-ringing, eye-ache, intense chest pains, headaches, mystery tooth pain, knee-weakening exhaustion like a flu that never develops. Full moon, solar flare, mercury retrograde, three days of intense geomagnetic storms, an immense filament of magnetic plasma threatening to break loose from the surface of the sun…coincidence? I’m in touch with some super-dynamic, super-tuned-in women across the globe and several of us have been experiencing the same; all particularly feeling it yesterday, watching it play out in our own unique ways. Another night of it, a long evening helping a family-member…

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