Last Day of The Lunar Cycle 3-19-15

Greetings Everyone,

Today marks the ending of our current lunar cycle. This began at aprox. 6:48am and will end on 4:38am on Friday the 20th. The energy is unfavorable. The moon is not visible. Ocean tide’s high and lows are the strongest. This is a day of illuision where nothing is real do not get caught up in thinking that the way you feel today is real because it is not. Keep a strong mind focused in love and relaxation. This date is full of illusion and temptations, a day when we will loose our energy if we aren’t careful. Try and restrain from overworking. 

Symbols: Octopus, Hydra

Zodiac: Last day of the year in the Pisces phase tomorrow we will be entering into Aries. 

Many times I see that when I read other astrological or planetary reads I find out a lot of information about what’s going on but they don’t always include what we need to focus on or do during this time. 

So here goes: 

If you have a strong protection prayer or mantra, please state this today before heading out or if you are out simply state it now. Ask for protection for not only  yourself today but your loved ones, pets, friends, and if you feel like being awesome then do it also for the world. I usually use this one:

Guardian Angel Michael in the front, Guardian Angel Michael in the back, Guardian Angel Michael on the right, and Guardian Angel Michael on the left. Guard us or (me) guard us, guard us! (Repeat this 3 times) when I do this I invision a golden dome of protection going up not only around me home but around my car around my body, my kids and my family as well as around the globe. 

This dome of protection will keep all the wandering negative spirits, and energies from wrecking havoc into your pure space of love. Remember they know when we humans are vulnerable and will use this time to attach themselves to us to create problems. 

Spiritual PROTECTION today is important! 

Highly recommeded that you keep strong control of your thoughts reminder: as a man think he is….

Utilize restraints and humiliity in all you do today.

Before you go to bed tonight take a warm epsum salt bath these salt baths are highly recommeded on a ongoing basis as this includes tiny crystals that actually support our new structures. 

This cleansing bath will wash away all the impurties of the day and leave you squeaky clean for the new lunar phase. 🙂

Avoid: Dark places, people, things, and situtations if you find yourself in one simply remove yourself gracefully. 

Simply complete everything you started tie up all loose ends. Don’t make or take any promises from anyone they will be empty. Avoid conversations that aren’t for your highest good! 

Think happy thoughts even if the bad ones creep in. We arent’ perfcect but we can try and make an effort to change what we once were clueless too. 

DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR TODAY! THey say you will shear off your mind…there’s better days ahead for that. 

NO COLORING of your hair and if you must style your hair make it into one that will bring you joy. My pick is a bun it helps me to rememeber to keep my cool 🙂

Love and light to you! ❤

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