Stranger things can happen 

In the night can’t sleep can’t write looking up and around in the dark Only to notice it’s not dark at all but crystal in tone like a bit of a sparkle in your eye but it is not a lie ….look deep within the flesh the blue dots now mesh within our cells …..passing through the ascension symptom hells. The way to break through and to continue to the light is keep a bright view. Keep updated on the latest because ready or not…we are on our way up is how I see it. 🙂

On another note I’ve been on an ascension journey literally on overhaul of learning since 2013. Now after all this time after countless books, meditations, and more I still can’t seem to scratch the itch of wanting to see more. I am so thankful to all of of my spirit guides because with them I truly have learned more than I could have ever done on my own. They’ve taken me on every journey literally every spiritual journey known to man kind of like the path of a mystic but on fast track. Only thing now is I’ve been taken this far and I can’t wait for what’s in store for all of us…..Wanting and yearning to literally see what we all want to see. The things that will truly change history as we know it. Fireworks, UFO’s, super moons …..I’m totally ready and anticipating the day that all the deep feelings that no one close seems to understand the depth of what is happening not wanting to truly open thier eyes to see the magic….but all the others who are on the fast track like me thank God for them! It’ll feel good to say we told ya! Or I knew it! 🙂 …..To truly know there’s some place for the blue dot folks to go to a land where everything makes sense and things are always done under truths because everything is done out of love. 🙂

Look deeper….could our cells really be blue as of today? Hmm ….stranger things could happen….

Love and light and peace to all as we ride this new Cosmic wave 

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