Whats a light body feel like……

Whats a light body feel like? Or what does it mean to have one….try googling it. You’ll find all kinds of cool stuff but sometimes I believe for the sake of exposure to the truth or maybe it’s just everyone experiences God in many different ways here’s my take on it…..

Feeling of a heavy body…you can feel you are a spirit and this is our Earth vessel….. just feel not like yourself, no real memory of the past just vague timelines, aches pains, then super awesome highs of happiness….record breaking mad psychic skills to crying without a cause to crying for a cause but not the one that just triggered it crying through all the causes conscious or not to loving with all your heart soul and mind finding out exactly what you want to do in life….finding out who you are and why your here ……to getting so excited about it…. to finally reaching the climax ………to wait…..wait…….. drum roll please………truth is all we really need to do is “be” …..human be-ing not human do-Ings that is the lightbody experience …..oh and I forgot all about the awesome kick ass astral travel, the vivid war like dreams ….the oneness with our God “be still and you’ll know” and still even in a lightbody our human instinct will still try and “Do” only to then again realize we made it and then we become calm again…….solar flares may shake things up but when you’ve reached this point you’ll love the thrill of the ride 🙂 gosh our God is good! This is the energy today can’t promise tomorrow but today was a good day! 🙂 thankful! 

Love and light to you! 

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