Current Symptoms of the “Shift”


Living Life in Between

I figured it was about time that I share some of the odd sensations and physical issues I have been having since my last update.

Current Symptoms

  • Headache, especially in the mornings and at night
  • Stomach upset in the morning
  • Energy sensations in third eye, crown and base of head
  • Deep sleep
  • Vivid dreams often with messages
  • Upper back stiffness
  • Lower back (pelvis) stiffness
  • Leg pain (feels like “growing pains” from youth)
  • Restless energy in legs
  • Ringing in ears (mostly right ear)
  • Dry, flaky skin that is manageable but irritating
  • Increased thirst
  • Visual anomalies (seeing flashes of light, colored streamers coming out of son, etc)
  • Tiredness/lack of motivation
  • Periods of total calm
  • Odd, heavy energy that descends over crown of head
  • Sleep disturbances

Coping Mechanismsclary-calm-did-you-know

This is what I have been doing to handle some of my symptoms:

  • Upset stomach – I drink a glass of water and eat something…

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