Cobra March Update – 3-26-15

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Source: Rose Rambles Dot Org Blog

I AM posting the latest article from Cobra. I like to think this is a sign of the times we are now living in. It has been quite interesting to watch all unfold from a kind of philosophical perspective, as well as an informative perspective as much of the messages from spiritual messengers and channellers are now starting to fold together. And this is a nice thing that I actually enjoy seeing which offers another reassurance for me that all this “spiritual stuff” is indeed true!

Now we see Cobra talk about the “tunnels of set” which corroborates with information given by Yellow Rose for Texas which delves nicely with the vibrational information of Abraham-Hicks. I used to wonder how all these seemingly “different” sets of varying information could be true…but, then I decided to merely believe and trust in the…

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