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cosmic life

As I walk my ascension path, I have realized with the spring equinox, super moon and solar eclipse happening together, I AM simultaneously experiencing endings as well as new beginnings.  I AM gaining greater insights and clarity into my authentic self.  I AM realizing that as a “dream walker” I AM BEing given glimpses of future possibilities in life.  Sometimes metaphorically, sometimes with slight variations as these glimpses materialize in my physical world.  I AM always in awe of all that is BEing revealed as my soul remembers its true identity.  We are remembering that we are all multi-dimensional BEings living this earthly experience so that we may anchor this divine knowledge to experience Heaven on Earth.

For those that are experiencing dreams of talking and interacting with loved ones who have passed over or dream interactions that seem to be with those you may not recognize from your physical life, please…

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