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Channeled by Michael Quinsey –

11 March 2015 – Galactic Federation Regional Council on Sirius B – Sheldan Nidle

The New Banking System, which we have talked about from time to time, is quickly becoming an International reality. Meanwhile, the inner breakdown of the U.S. governing “Corporation” continues. The World’s Nations understand more fully what this coming collapse will truly mean to them. A new Economic and Financial System is emerging, which will put the USA on a par with a number of Nations in Europe, Asia and the Western Hemisphere. This new set of realities is finally bringing an end to the highly distorted realities that governed your World during the first sixty years of the post-World War II era. A New Era is forming, which is to feature the rise of new governance in the US as well as a whole slew of new governances in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Western Hemisphere. The highlight of this, in our minds, is “E.T. Disclosure”. At that time, we can easily address you and permit you, at last, to see our spaceships in your daylight skies. We fully intend to support the global addresses of your Ascended Masters and the open interactions possible with your “Inner Earth” Agarthan relatives. You can then learn much about yourselves and your true history and origins.

Our Earthly Associates have created a new International Funds Transfer System. In addition, a number of changes were made to make all Major Banks Basel III compliant. These are only the beginnings of what is to be expected. The BRICS group Development Bank is ready to come online and replace both the SWIFT system and the International status of the Federal Reserve and the IMF. This new development implies two things. First, International money transfers will no longer be the concern of the Banking System set up by the Dumbarton Treaty in 1944. Second, the Western Banking criteria now used by the IMF is to be replaced by one more conducive to International development. These alterations are to make possible the easy transfers of large sums to kick-start the need to develop the infrastructure of your World.

Both the Undeveloped and the Developed World require funds to either build or rebuild a vast network for Water Conservation and Transportation. There is as well a need to give this Realm the monies to construct a vast network for the educating of children and adults. For too long, governance has ignored this great responsibility. You are growing in consciousness and require the tools needed to understand fully what is happening across the Globe. In addition, a special class filled with truly meaningful Ecology Lessons has to be taught to all. Previous prejudices against Women and Religion require an end. The Creator in truth made us One People. We need to blessedly obey this Sacred Edict and learn how to live together. All Religions teach this Great Truth. We need to obey this globally. Consider how war, misplaced hatreds and simple ill logic have maintained these barriers.

On our Worlds, the natural pristine nature of our Surface and Inner World Realms is undisturbed by us. In fact, if someone was to suddenly appear unannounced on any of our Worlds, their initial thought is probably to pronounce the World to be mostly uninhabited. This belief is something that mirrors an important corollary of our Sacred Laws: All Life is Sacred and needs to be preserved in its natural state of existence. This Solar System was harshly invaded millions of years ago and a horrible price was paid for this. What is required is for us to assist you and the Heavenly Elohim in restoring this Solar Realm to its previous pristine state. Mars and Venus once contained major oceans, teeming with all types of life. These things need to be restored. Not only the vast oceans of these and other Solar Worlds, but as well the many types of unique phenomena currently lost. This Rebirth is only one of the things that we need to do. There as well is the responsibility to mend the ties with a great number of non-corporeal Beings residing deep within the Inner Worlds of your many “Gas-configured” Giant Worlds.

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