Steven Bancarz – 5 Common Growing Pains Of Spiritual Ascension – 3-30-15

Higher Density Blog

By Steven Bancarz

For those of us who find ourselves travelling on a spiritual path, it can be very common to experience a few “growing pains” on our journey. Things which hurt beyond belief, but which always result in more clarity, wisdom, and a deeper perspective. Identifying these common struggles of the spiritual path can be helpful. It makes us realize we are not alone, and that there are certain archetypal energies that all people on a spiritual path end up encountering.

If you are experiencing some of these struggles, have faith. The change you are experiencing is occurring because you are becoming a more authentic and connected person. The pain you feel is just a temporary catalyst that will propel you into your new self.

As you change, it’s natural to grieve the loss of aspects of your former self. Don’t be attached to your old identity in your…

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3 Responses to Steven Bancarz – 5 Common Growing Pains Of Spiritual Ascension – 3-30-15

  1. I been through all, started more than 25 yrs. ago.


    • Ashley says:

      That’s why it’s cool to have other like minds so we can all share our stories! You have great post. My journey started in 2013 well when I could finally place names to what I had been feeling for years 🙂 happy Friday to you great spirit!

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