The Energy you can now feel……


 What tha heck am I feeling?

As we are all flying on this wonderful wave of our beautiful Ascending Gaia. We are too ascending with her. We have two choices….one to accept and ride the conscious wave and go with it and let go….or stay in the dark but feel these feelings anyway.

COME on guys we are on a ride of a life time. I do have to admit even my crazy ass gets hung up on the high anxiety energies and can’t find a way to get a breath. But then I read something, someone says something, or I get a feeling and it snaps me back into knowing this is a chance of a lifetime! 
Our lifetimes! To me what better way to ride the Ascension Wave than to know what symptoms you may or may not be having. Don’t worry if you haven’t experienced them yet you’re not weird your lucky and if you have hang in their. We were all created the way God intended and we all have our own divine plan. 

Take the time you need to allow yourself to change and expand. This may mean taking time off whatever work or domestic family structure that you have going on.

Ascension Symptoms:

  • Sweats/flushes – for both men and women of all ages!
  • Body tired, heaviness,
  • Back & neck pain
  • Dizziness in head, sometimes quite extreme
  • Digestive; fast moving bowels, stomach discomfort, nausea
  • Body aches, like a ‘flu
  • Detox type symptoms
  • Weight gain, bloating,
  • Weight loss
  • Craving different foods (eg. need more protein)
  • No appetite
  • Needing lots of water (always drink water regardless, all day)
  • Energy bursts (yee haa)
  • Feeling full in the head
  • Tingling in limbs, hands other parts of body etc
  • Sleep pattern change..(waking at 3am or 4am, needing more sleep, then needing less sleep – just go with it)
  • Dreams, (Night experiences) becoming more vivid, more real, aware of traveling being somewhere but not sure where.[I suggest journalling and giving clear intent to remember your dreams this is another part of your experience that can give you valuable insights. Often aspects of your self will return in dream scenarios. Embrace these. WWW.MYSTIKALALLEY.COM <——— ( ASCENSION SYMPTOM TEAS, CRYSTALS, BOOKS, TOOLS AND MORE) 
  • Feeling too big for your body [well, you are really, as your true energy is enormous compared to your physical body so this will become noticeable]
  • Seeing, sensing,smelling etc [fun awakening symptoms] more colours, shapes, energies, (inner eye/knowing awakening)
  • Feeling completely isolated (time to talk about this to those who understand ascension)
  • Feeling like you are going ‘crazy’ (keep connecting with those on the same path of awakening)
  • Mood swings, irritable, prickly, grief, ‘confused’ (feel your emotions but let them pass through)

* We recommend that if you are taking medications for depression or any other type of ‘illness’ that may mimic these symptoms that you do not come off these medications or cease any professional appointments without consulting those who have placed you on medications.

In my experience if these ‘symptoms’ get way too intense you can just ask you’re angels, spirit guides, or higher selves…ask them to ease off so you can have some reprieve. They will then settle down but will continue to play out.

This to shall pass……

Love and light to you all today! ❤

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