I love our God…he’s definitely  got a sense of humor always has! Love learning from the Master that puts me in my place each time! :)

Gosh I hate (really mean love it) it when God smacks you right in the face saying…:.”when you gonna learn my baby everything you endure and I mean good bad ugly or indifferent its because I love you” ….”and its cuz your ass doesn’t listen when I try and show you in polite nice angelic ways. You humans learn and grow and flourish and hold more light than ever once I take you through your dark” no one else’s your dark” I’m your Father I just love you so I’m honest. Plus I know you more than you know yourself! Never forget that my child” 

And this is exactly what happened to me after a week of simply feeling what are we all doing here again? Cuz if this is it I’m ready for the next stage. 

Funny, God laughs “next stage girl you can’t handle this one”

Brothers and sisters we have to find it in our hearts to not look for truths in the world or lies in the world but TRUTHS within ourselves…..

Why are you angry, why does she or he make you upset? Why don’t you like your boss? Why is your life not what you planned? 

And ur you still come to a stump like I have many of times. It’ll be revealed to you that you can’t get to the next level in your life in your spirit in your soul without what you HAVE NOW, WHAT YOU ARE NOW AND WHAT YOUR DOING right now! 

Be thankful and go kiss and hug somebody today! 

Love and light! 

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