Preparation and Inductation: Message from the High Council

Living Life in Between

For those of you struggling with the most recent spike in energy, you will be experiencing a short reprieve before the full moon on the 4th. Use this time to refuel both spiritually and physically, for the next few weeks will cycle through more of the same as your energy adjusts and becomes accustomed to the new, higher vibration that is settling in. This vibration will remain from here on out and the energy that comes with it will spread through your physical, emotional and spiritual system similar to that of a drug as it heals the body.

The adjustment will not be easy, even for those accustomed to these intense fluctuations. There will be times when you are discouraged and feel ready to throw in the towel; to hide in your room and retreat. This is by no means the correct solution as to disconnect from the world, to…

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