Current Intense Karmic Cycle

Rick Jewers

Many are oblivious yet to the intense karmic cycle upon us. Those that are more aware and Awakened enjoy the commonality of these karmic events and are able to observe. the dynamics and effect. The observance of any karmic event adds great knowledge and understanding and enables One to more clearly distinguish between “coincidence” and a scheduled event, and the influences of positive and negative energies upon these events. The knowing of this confirms a Divine presence as well as what the Soul has created to experience, to overcome and clearly rules out that everything is by chance. The karmic cycles are much more intertwined with the Divine plan and current Ascension, that enables the owner of these karmic events to prepare for the higher timelines by releasing the negative fear based energies and emotions within.

Many events are staged for those  not yet fully awakened that involve choices of doing the…

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  1. Don says:

    Another post by Rick the Lunatic!


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