wish upon a star

Time passes by without a guilt of saying goodbye 

Earth changes shift changes energy upgrades

Screeching vibrations in my ears food that you can almost taste as there’s an increase in smell then tummys full with no real energy 

These light shifts increases are robbing my energy

Left not knowing what’s up down left or right 

Feeling like a brand new type of a whole nother “being” 

Only to not resonate with anything that currently resides within this time

What the hell am I supposed to do because I’m sure the others that feel like this …feel like me too

Lost on what to do I sit in silence in ah at the fast changes that dwell within 

When will we be able to be do see hear and enjoy the time, space and feelings that match this new upgraded super being?

God if there’s a sign we all need it show us the way to not feel down to feel up to push forward to know that this all is for something. 

Love and light 


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