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Living life in between ~ awesome blog!

Living Life in Between

I don’t know about you, but I have been caught in a muck of mis-emotion (an emotion or emotional reaction that is inappropriate or irrational in the present time environment) lately that has me asking my guides, “When will this be over?” The answer, unfortunately, is about three more weeks. Sigh.

The feeling is not constant, thankfully, and is a direct result of adjusting to the new, higher vibrational state of the planet. Some of my chakras are the ones to blame as they are not fully vibrating at the same rate as the rest of me. I know the best solution is to get outside and extrovert myself as best I can. That means focusing my attention outward instead of inward and getting away from closed-in, man-made spaces. Those of us going through this transformation, this Shift, are most likely to introvert because this is how we…

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