Update: Symptoms of the Shift

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Living Life in Between

I wanted to quickly update everyone on my current symptoms.

Current symptoms:

  • deep, dream-filled sleep
  • lack of motivation
  • skin changes
  • muscle twitches
  • restlessness in legs
  • fatigue
  • thirst
  • vibrational fluctuations
  • buzzing in top three chakras
  • Increase in heart-centeredness
  • profound periods of knowingness
  • increase in calm/clarity
  • periods of intense emotional sensitivity (most noticeable in close relationships)
  • changes in perception

My dreams have a recurring theme of death/rebirth in them. I have had several now that seem almost precognitive. I have dreamed of two family members either becoming ill or dying. One is a family member whose husband recently died. In the dreams I am trying to avoid the deceased person but find myself laying right next to their corpse, disgusted. I recognize these dreams as signaling to me that I am currently working through certain cycles and patterns in my life that need to be discarded.

I wake several times a night…

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