Take that break!

Suzanne Bertolas


We are all made up of energy so therefore we feel it if our energy field is being manipulated !!

With the high influx of energies bombarding us at the moment it is very important to pay attention to Intuition and your body as it speaks to you.

if you are feeling tired in the middle of the day and feel you need to take a nap, then if it is possible do that.

As our frequency rises, and the energy of our planet speeds up and shifts, it really tends to make us feel a bit off kilter, especially if we are unaware of what is taking place.

You may be noticing Increased states of agitation  running rampant over the last little while as many are feeling the effects of their vibration rising.

If they aren’t quite sure of why or  how to deal with the extra energy it often causes agitation, aggravation, anger, and…

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