Your Daily Forecast: “Living Wide Awake” Change Is Looming 4-29-15

The Sage Lady™

This is a jumping off place, where change is looming; imminent.

Whether you are keeping secrets, or have an edge with esoteric information, and have a sense of where and what you’ll do with changing; take your time.

Impulsive behaviors generate the ill responses you”ll regret later down the pathway.

It’s not so much that change generates a negative response; it’s that this time you have the opportunity to think the changes through, before going headlong into them.

Opposing Energies:Impatience, restlessness, argumentative, resistance

There are tremendous spiritual opportunities today working in the background, much like how a computer has its operating systems working in the background while we use the applications as tools for our lives.

Take this time today to use the changes coming as tools for both your physical and spiritual lives.

Wide Awake Words™ for today:Transformation, shifting, changing.

Manifest the changes into being, think…

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