Forgot a title well, here goes…

The twin soul is one soul of which decided to occupy two host. One masculine and women feminine aspect of the self. 

When you meet you will first meet in a common place familiar to the two. Without understanding of knowing who they are or who the once will be once the contract that was written before you were born into the world is ready for the union to become a union. 

You may even be in other marriages have had kids have lived a whole other life never knowing that faith lies in those were practice marriages, lessons, experiences that are there to be ready for the intense ride of a life time. If you are from Houston or if not it’s like riding the Texas cyclone of life. 

The reason the two where to meet prior to the final Union was to connect the invisible tie that would ultimately lock your body, mind and soul to one another even if you didn’t see or feel it with the normal human 5 senses it was the 6th sense where this would be felt. Undoubtly there will be a clash of thought if your an empath as when you see them you will know them to their entirety not wanting to entertain the thought or engage in conversation because someone deep down the one with the more empathic gifts will know as I look at the person I can see all of the things we will go through because they are searching for exactly me as I am in he. 

Years go by failed marriages, change of careers both half of the one soul can feel the longing for the other in hopes that one day they will join. They both go through a couple of years of there lives being turned upside down without plan. One marriage may have even been with someone we deemed as a nice friend so we made up a story in our minds and played along knowing and thinking the whole time this can’t be it. Given up and either we ended or they ended the marriage because no one wants to truly live a lie especially when you or anyone knows that the other truly belong to another which is your twin.

After the settling of everything failing and feeling like things are falling apart comes BOOM! Your twin right in your view and you see G-D our Almighty in them and then in you. Your puzzled as to why didn’t I see this before? How could I have not known or seen that she or he was the “One” all along. Well, if you look back it’s not the way it works because you still had a contract with the others in your life to be apart of thier plan. You meet and all that no longer serves you nor matters because your “All in” without question. You see if you truly look back you will see that all the other relationships, small or large where planned, thought of and were more on the mental plane kinda like just going with it cuz it’s there. 

This process should not make or intend to hurt as you are still trying to pull of a nice experience. But it’s the heart that never truly feels for them the way a man and women are meant to feel for one another. This is ok and again part of the process these are not real unions made or real in the eyes of God but are earthly experiences again practice for the one your were written in the stars to belong. 

The 2nd meet occurs and like I said before your all in. Not questioning or feeling any doubts in this one you see before you because what you are witnessing is our Almighty presence manifested right before our eyes. Or at least a piece of this love that no language can truly articulate. 

You can’t be separated not even for a moment for the whole minuet your away you can’t help but feel every part of you is in need of the “TRUE” love that is talked about in the heavens. 

Now all that is real but at the same time you are feeling this you will feel intense pain just the same. The pain will cut you so deep to your core that you have no other thing or option but to go THROUGH IT! Together that is. The arguing, crying, harsh words, actions, trying times are all apart of you letting go of your “EGO” the only self you have EVER known your whole life. Your inner self says “what am I to do if I can’t be Me?” Who am I to be?

This goes on for quite sometime depending on how long either won’t let go of that exact thought whether consciousness or not. Problem here is one can’t carry weight for both. You don’t know so you argue more because your trying to get to a point of little to NO resistance point*. I don’t mean I’m loving I mean the stubbornness of the one who still doesn’t get that this is not for the others personal pleasure but for receiving the love and blessings that that only come to those who let go, heal and give themselves up. This is the ultimate test in this GAME we call “life” 

See this whole thing isn’t about following this written law be good and you’ve made it. Oh and be nice to all you meet. Cuz if that’s the case your ego will immediately say well if I haven’t killed anyone I surely am saved. 

NO! Giving yourself fully wholly and truly to the human aspect of Yaushua and Yohova that is the one right in front of you whom you’ve made the scared Union with. Then the Laws are then written in your heart there will be no need for church, the bible an instruction manual because see then you will KNOW, FEEL,SEE, COMPREHEND the TRUTH that no HUMAN BEING on the face of this earth can ever explain or teach. It is in that moment your mind, body and soul can be the TRUTH in human form. At that very second “I once was blind but now I see” resonates all through your being. You won’t have the earthly thoughts of justifying your sinnful behavior or thoughts (example: just doing what you do, thinking it’ll just be forgive and not looking within at the very thing that needs to become pure) at the point you will stop pointing finger at others but begin to see that you and your ego haven’t made it to the land of G-dly thinking. Mind of reason instead of mind of heart. As you do start to look within be  this time actually THIS time you can feel the hurt as it was your own when your twin is around. It is then that you will effortlessly tell your EGO self to sit their ass down and have a seat for it has taken and ran over your life for to long as well marched to the tune of every programmable thing the demonic entities dish out thinking YOU could know if you were or had been brain washed. Um, nope guess again. You created your whole life up until this point based on TV, fake celebrities what the hell is a celebrity “another” way to help you NOT think but to feel inferior to. Trust me NONE of their asses looked like that before. Just as in theatre you must paint the image or play the part is exactly what you got programmed in your mind. And to think you looked at the females and males of the demonic actors, singers, models etc. and thought sexual thoughts. Married or unmarried gay or straight your mind due to the exact thing the demonic entries want you looked at them sexually, lustfully, jealiousy, and sized them up against the ones who love you most. Even the women or man at the grocery store is a test can’t you see . A test of wills to see how far you’ve come to searching for the real meaning of life which is being one with G-D the Almighty and his son Our Father Yashua. You see if an idle mind is the devils playground shit then you been playing with him since you stopped being a child into your youth and decided you’d become “EGO” the ILLUSION” one day. 

You see please don’t under estimate the power of our Father for he knows and sees so that soon he will come and for those that not only walked the walk but talked the talk they NEVER gave into the illusion, they are the very people you know today who do everything backwards, they march to their own drum cuz it’s a beat outah this world. They are the people who are late to everything, say the darnedest things never agreeing to just go along with it cuz everyone else IS. Made fun of all there lives for being weird. Never fitting in. Never looking at those false idols on TV who have managed to consume the rest of the world with their falseness. FEARLESS leaders is what they are. Trying to live along side the sleeping, the programmed, the evil, the so insecure, the ugly hearts, the cruel intention the very ones who try and steal what you have, tell you or make you feel they are better if even in a subtle way you know ….”those”ones who are consumed by so much of the PROGRAM they won’t even understand what the hell I’m writing here. 

Whilst the silent ones keep keepers of the truth free from programming cuz for some reason it’s never been our style lol! …..keep their chin up, keep their love for our Father and his written law in their hearts and when we hear the spirit we then get fed a food your body could only dream of tasting ……so we as we’ve always done which is take the wrath of man (or women) and his/her ego. Truth is while you thought we were timid while you thought you had won we watched you try or not try to purge the evil that has taken you over like the exorcist. We allowed you to do everything you did or do to US because YOU never could or can truly hurt the ones who ARE and they are who they are keepers of the flame sent down in a human form to help you and guide you. But not sent to make YOU see the way the truth and the light but to offer our light so that you can choose between whom you love most yourself or The Creator. 

That’s free will in a nut shell. So for those of you who didn’t know there are ones sent without that. Ones sent down throughout time to try and give their messages from another place and time so that you could open your eyes and choose to walk. “AWAKENED”

  1. The moral of the story is that as twin souls or spiritual families gather together all around the world that within these groups you will have a mirror self to show you what you’ve become while asleep and be there for you as you awaken as well as others who will feed the very essence of your soul. You know the ones I mean the ones you’ve hurt, avoided, definitely avoided cuz then you’d have to admit the very thing you avoided was the real YOU. 

Satain were the ones your mind without heart were prig rammed to desire to be around, be like, love or want because he programmed you to because if you didn’t do as saitan wanted then he’d make you feel like that nerdy kid again that didn’t fit in. Or have friends or girlfriends or boyfriends. Or the latest car, clothes or fattest bank account. So you confirmed due to a fear that isn’t even REAL. That fear that isn’t so. It to is an illusion set to enslave you. Watch that movie Constantine with um what’s his name oh yea Keanu Reeves see how happy he was him and his wife then when he took the job his wife had a bad feeling about took it anyway because he wanted a taste of the illusion. He got exactly that if not more saw his wife dying and yet still wanted more he had to win the “case”  prove himself to ok key word here other “man” and to earthly props and yes I said props. 

In the end no one has to change but you gotta ask yourself will “man” and earthly props save your soul in the end? 

Do not cry then because judgement will fall upon all those who decided this lifetime is about pleasing yourself and gaining false definitions of self love and worth. 

This isn’t scary talk it’s real. There’s that free will again. Finding worth in all the wrong places or you can decide NOW today that your worth is found within then at that time your life now and at the end will reflect that purity that you were born with but had long forgotten. The world will be view in a whole new light. Cuz you’ll be whole. With blessings that just seem to come out of thin air. 

We knew this as children. Take the time to hear your inner child self. 

Or don’t funny thing about life chose is yours not anyone else’s. 

Sending love and light your way in hopes that even though my grammar is off and I didn’t do spell check cuz I just didn’t want to lol….that it resonates from within. 


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