A place I used to call home….

I sit and I stare just to catch a gaze just to drift off in a daze of an illusion of a place a place I know exists a place I long to return. A place I’ve never seen with my naked eye but can remember the taste, the smell, the people, the air, the trees, the way of living, the love, the direct connection to Source, the freedom of living as a butterfly free to fly around, get back to your cocoon, change morph, dream, shift, be, say, do, be. A place where a thought is an immediate manifestation. Therefore, where I am from people know to be careful with their thoughts, they know the law of one or the law of 10. They know it without thought for every thought is our reality which effects every “one”. 

I miss this place, makes me sad cuz I can’t remember how to get back to a place I know was my home. This can’t be it its so cold here, the people don’t get it, they only know self love and no love for others, the care about material things, and do not place our Creator and our Father 1st, they are greedy, they have these cruel deeper inner intentions I can sense which is why I can’t hardly be around them. What’s even more shocking is that they DO NOT even know they think this way or are this way or things are this way. They are the “sleep walkers” they live and breath but asleep matching to the tune of the program that has been downloaded. What would happen if they one day woke up and removed the chip?

WAKE UP! Remember who you are. Remove the chip and turn on the switch of Source. None duality. A world where heaven is anchored on earth. 

Well, back to my stare, in space trying to find my race of kind my original family tree. Where roots grow wild and free. A place under the stars where there’s only Source beings and me. 

True story or so it seems…..

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3 Responses to A place I used to call home….

  1. crystallinenotes says:

    this is beautiful Ashley, I think you describe it perfectly! woken up and wondering what there is to see, and be.. thankyou for sharing your honest thoughts and feelings!

    ❤ K.

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