Perception – Deception

Creative Calibration

How do you see your life?

Do you see in the way you want it to be? Or do you see it in the way you would rather not experience?

Imagine that you are standing and the sun is behind of you. How do you see your shadow? What does it look? Long or short? Leaning towards the left or to the right?

Your shadow changes according to where the sun locates. You yourself do not change but the shadow changes. This is Perception. It can deceive you. It can change its shape and look. You might believe you have changed because the shadow has changed. You – yourself is the same. Just how you perceive has changed.

Being a human is interesting thing. You get tricked by your perception and create a belief based on perception.

How do you perceive your life to be? Does it serve you good? Or does it…

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