Health Tips For Spiritually Gifted Individuals ~ May 13, 2015



Why Doesn’t My Body Respond The Way Other People Do?

Have you ever wondered why your body doesn’t seem to respond to supplements, medicines, or even diets the way other people do? Have you ever been baffled by why you developed a certain symptom or illness since the timing or type of ailment doesn’t seem to fit?

Although our health care system is SLOWLY moving in the direction of more customized and individual “medicine” and practices, we aren’t there yet. So, for people with unusually high frequencies or “gifts,” the current approaches to health and wellness can be even more frustrating, ineffective, and confusing. After decades of personal and professional experience, as well as interviewing many hundreds of people with intuitive, empathic, and other frequency gifts, we share some common complaints or concerns they have reported regarding their health and wellness– as well as some common and uncommon…

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