Let It In

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The hardest part of this ascension, awakening, soul embodiment process is to let it in.  To just allow it.  Because on a human level we have been programmed over lifetimes to go into survival, defense mode on so many subjects.  We believed we had to shoulder all of life’s challenges alone, without spirit, so we brought in other people to help us.  Because we have kept spirit at arm’s length for so long, for the most part, we felt alone in trying to navigate our way through life. Not that we haven’t  done an amazing job.  We have figured out how to keep a roof over our head, and keep ourselves above water financially.  Somehow we managed to pay our bills, have food on the table, and maintain these bodies.

But that got kind of boring after awhile.

Life had to be more than ‘just enough.’ Where’s the joy?  In the early…

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