Chance to truly create 

it’s amazing how you don’t know to help yourself when you’re  a helper of others. You forget to see if you’re ok. Or give you a hug or a kiss on the forehead or learn yourself so that you know what to do when…..

Then you reach the point of doom. Where your physical body literally gives up on you and you can not go anymore. Then you have to take care of yourself let go of taking care of others. Rest, be still. Flu like feelings rise so high that you just can’t move. But, by day two your ok but weak from not just the day before but ALL that your body has endured in months, years, or a lifetime passed. Since you didn’t stop to make sure you were ok along the way. What would seem like a normal tired day to majority…..would be to you feeling like you are literally dying from the inside out.

In that stillness in that moment you begin to revaluate things. Try your hardest to make sense of what just happened. What areas are the most energy drains. Your body goes into survival mode and you nail what has to change in order to eliminate death of the body or symptoms there of. 

You now know what to do and you begin to gain strength again in knowing change will soon come. Only, still holding on to what has tried to kill you. Without guilt or thought. Rob your body of strength. You then don’t want to let go. Feel all the aches of that. But I’ll say this, if we Look around are those around drained? Are they to suffering or struggling to survive. Chances are no. You have given them more than they need. And they will probably not even notice that this comes at a cost to you. So you then know that change has to come. That what must be done must be done. That part of yourself did die that day. 

The part that died was the part that said you were to serve others and not yourself and our Almighty, and Father. Who dwells within our hearts. Where you needed to feel deep guilt if you didn’t serve others. 

You’re now at that fresh new start phase as what once was can no longer be. And now you can Truly be. See you are a light to many and if you go deem they will not notice that you were a source of light. They will take it for granted like we do electricity. What if all the world went dark. No light. Then would people notice?

They would then freak out. Cuz they thought it would always be there. Thing is because of your mission on the very day that the old you, had to pass on was so that there was no  pause in the light for more than 3 days you could literally regenerate and power up again now.  

Only this time, you will begin to create again, that of which you once did. 

Music, painting, dancing, photography, writing and day dreaming you will cherish this moment because your Day Dreams are not what our teachers in school said we needed to get rid of to be successful ….YOUR day dreams shape your reality, therefore you begin to imagine and manifest every thought without effort. 

You feel on top of the world because your back in your element again. Which not only enriches your life but the lives of those around you in a magikal mystikal way. 

You now love yourself, therefore you will be of love to others. 

~there’s journeys each day. It’s what you do with them that create this new life we now live. Choose wisely my friends. 


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