I’ve fought my battle and the battle for others for so long….it’s time that one must allow them to wake up to thier own war inside. 

Feeling a bit weird with you today. Not just that scene just distant. This isn’t personal to you. It’s just the what I pick up on. Is you trying to figure everything out on your own like you don’t care Or want me involved because you know what I’ll say. Your fighting the inevitable. I realize I had been feeling sad for so long because of this exact thing. Only thing I didn’t know that I now know is that it’s not my battle to fight to do things correctly. Everyone has a right to “let go of old beliefs or systems” or simply hang on and cause resistance in every aspect of their lives until they to know this. 

I’ve read about the whole retrograde stuff maybe it’s true maybe it isn’t but I do know something’s up. It’s like things or on a bi-polar twist that shocks the hell out of me. I have been in what I would say as my little cocooon. I tend to do this when I’m trying to figure things out. I’m like ok I’m out and I see that the strangers around are all smiling and nice way nicer than I ever thought before. Some quiet when I say on my way out “have a blessed day” but can scene with my heart that they felt a sensation just to hear those words “blessed” and I’m loving it I’m like maybe the world is changing and everyone is becoming heart. The moment we’ve all been waiting for……

To back to wanting to go back in my cocooon. Only wait! Why?! Oh yea it’s because I’ve been fighting a battle that is not mine. I’ve carried the weight of it all and never said a word or asked anything in return but love. I saved you from the pitfalls of so many people, places and even yourself. Only, thing is as I did that you took no notice and I took a fall. One that actually is now effecting my health of which is and should be in pristine condition. And yet, I mention this and you again take no notice. I realized a HUGE beautiful hurdle I just crossed on this whole ascension path! It’s that as I fought those battles that weren’t mine. I actually crippled you that’s not the way. I hurt myself from carrying it all and you never got a chance to look within for the answers. So ding ding answer is simple. This isn’t mine I too am happy like the world. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face ready to take on the day. Sleepy I’ll say from all the insomnia but indeed happy because. I too went through this but you see a lifetime or two before this one. Somehow I remembered everything “To-Do” but can’t remember “how”? 

So this I say unto you my apologies for loving you so much I’m stealing the very essence of why your hear. It’s to have an experience such as this in this age at this fast paced time. 

Spirit tells me to just step back. Only step in if you can see the assistance is truly needed. But if not it’s something you’ll just have to learn. 

I love you with all my heart and soul but I realize you need to look within to yours and start to make those challenging “dramas” of the mind as I once did. I’m not gonna lie they are hard but what’s cool is you have me by your side. This time not carrying you but waiting and watching and standing along side you. 
~ gosh this writing stuff is healing for  any old souls out there you’ll know what I mean when I say spirit said to me. Stop trying to stop every fall or critique it because you once were blind too and didn’t know and now know. Love thy Father with all thy heart and everything will be all good. 


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