Energy Influx Today? 


 Is anyone else feeling this? Today feels like a roller coaster in my stomach. Funny nothing truly impending going on in the outside world. But the inside is like something’s impending, bout to happen. Change maybe? Not sure feels like a good energy but feels bad energetically in solar plexus (tummy area)

Seems as you go to new levels your body is now your doctor, nurse, teacher, friend well I’m not sure just yet on the last one because I’ve had flu-like symptoms since Saturday only each day they change. One goes away but is replaced by another. Only (2) that stick is the STOMACH and the LOWER back pain. :(! 

Well, let’s see what the good Lord has in store this week for all of us. Seems the change or shift will complete itself by Friday or weekend. 

I celebrate Sabbath funny thing is I never new what that meant or was until I actually read the bible. Oh and not the King James Version. The actual Hebrew bible with English translations. Makes sense as to why you need to shut our bodies down Friday at sunset to Saturday at sunset your body during this time is receiving the love download kinda like your cell phone needs updates or your apps. So do we. When we observe this day for 24 hours only we simply allow the download of God to upgrade us from 1.0 to 2.0 on up each time you do it. Check it out google it “sabbath day” if you don’t believe it’s cool. Just thought it was cool when I learned it’s not just for the Jews. 

Last note, be in nature when you can man made building such as our house or place of work makes these energy more crazy and chaotic lol smh!  I too just learned this. 
Well peace out to everyone todaylight and   blessings to you! 



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