2012 I transformed into someone new without my approval or green light….Learning who this new me is….


She’s taken over the old me. She can feel and sense everything. She reacts to those same crazy stimuli too. 

Huh? That wasn’t me before. I may have had a 6th sense but was able to maneuver around it. Fly free without all these damn emotions?! 

What happened?!!? This sucks you mean to tell me I have to feel EVERYTHING around not just my own and on top of that I have to RECAP just about everything I’ve ever done in my life over and over and over again. To learn and evaluate what I did wrong or didn’t do so I can now learn what to do right?! 

I mean some DEEP rooted stuff. I’ve got to re-live them one by one full colored 3D images and all! It was bad enough living through them for 30 years!! 

I had all that hidden in a secret box. No one was supposed to know. Kept so safe from even me. 

I not only have to face them ALL but I have to parent them, accept them and admit them?! Oh and forgive them……In a matter of 2 1:2 years?!


~ Ashley’s Ego Self

Hello Ashley, 

I am your Higher Self. I need to fully embrace this body you call flesh and I need you to kindly cleanup all of your front mind, back mind, all of your mind. Cuz you see I can only enter a vessel that has been fully prepared. You can no longer hold on to anything ones you know or ones you don’t. On 12.21.15 you woke up from the dream. You are now awake. Welcome. 

I’ll be here every step of the way to be sure you don’t lose your way in this new world. What you once did you will not do. 

You must learn to create in a new way. These instructions wll be shown to you. But not the way you knew before we comprehend things on a higher level and with a much advanced language, you must allow time to fully understand. Patience you want it to be given to you all at once but you wouldn’t get it. You are receiving as you are giving. 

If you do not let the mind go you will slow the process. You will be rewarded with upgraded brain waves each time you choose to understand these things you know to be true. As I am not new to you. I am just a lot closer and you can now hear the steps to achieve this fully awakened experience. 

Remember you were sleep now that you’re awake you must see these things this way and not take to much time visiting the old but to again “let them go” these things that no longer serve in your new life. 

You aren’t a new you just an awake you. Who is learning to walk a new walk. 

Be glad in it. 

~ Your Higher Self    

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