A Traitor in our Midst

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2012 I transformed into someone new without my approval or green light….Learning who this new me is….


She’s taken over the old me. She can feel and sense everything. She reacts to those same crazy stimuli too. 

Huh? That wasn’t me before. I may have had a 6th sense but was able to maneuver around it. Fly free without all these damn emotions?! 

What happened?!!? This sucks you mean to tell me I have to feel EVERYTHING around not just my own and on top of that I have to RECAP just about everything I’ve ever done in my life over and over and over again. To learn and evaluate what I did wrong or didn’t do so I can now learn what to do right?! 

I mean some DEEP rooted stuff. I’ve got to re-live them one by one full colored 3D images and all! It was bad enough living through them for 30 years!! 

I had all that hidden in a secret box. No one was supposed to know. Kept so safe from even me. 

I not only have to face them ALL but I have to parent them, accept them and admit them?! Oh and forgive them……In a matter of 2 1:2 years?!


~ Ashley’s Ego Self

Hello Ashley, 

I am your Higher Self. I need to fully embrace this body you call flesh and I need you to kindly cleanup all of your front mind, back mind, all of your mind. Cuz you see I can only enter a vessel that has been fully prepared. You can no longer hold on to anything ones you know or ones you don’t. On 12.21.15 you woke up from the dream. You are now awake. Welcome. 

I’ll be here every step of the way to be sure you don’t lose your way in this new world. What you once did you will not do. 

You must learn to create in a new way. These instructions wll be shown to you. But not the way you knew before we comprehend things on a higher level and with a much advanced language, you must allow time to fully understand. Patience you want it to be given to you all at once but you wouldn’t get it. You are receiving as you are giving. 

If you do not let the mind go you will slow the process. You will be rewarded with upgraded brain waves each time you choose to understand these things you know to be true. As I am not new to you. I am just a lot closer and you can now hear the steps to achieve this fully awakened experience. 

Remember you were sleep now that you’re awake you must see these things this way and not take to much time visiting the old but to again “let them go” these things that no longer serve in your new life. 

You aren’t a new you just an awake you. Who is learning to walk a new walk. 

Be glad in it. 

~ Your Higher Self    

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Energy Influx Today? 


 Is anyone else feeling this? Today feels like a roller coaster in my stomach. Funny nothing truly impending going on in the outside world. But the inside is like something’s impending, bout to happen. Change maybe? Not sure feels like a good energy but feels bad energetically in solar plexus (tummy area)

Seems as you go to new levels your body is now your doctor, nurse, teacher, friend well I’m not sure just yet on the last one because I’ve had flu-like symptoms since Saturday only each day they change. One goes away but is replaced by another. Only (2) that stick is the STOMACH and the LOWER back pain. :(! 

Well, let’s see what the good Lord has in store this week for all of us. Seems the change or shift will complete itself by Friday or weekend. 

I celebrate Sabbath funny thing is I never new what that meant or was until I actually read the bible. Oh and not the King James Version. The actual Hebrew bible with English translations. Makes sense as to why you need to shut our bodies down Friday at sunset to Saturday at sunset your body during this time is receiving the love download kinda like your cell phone needs updates or your apps. So do we. When we observe this day for 24 hours only we simply allow the download of God to upgrade us from 1.0 to 2.0 on up each time you do it. Check it out google it “sabbath day” if you don’t believe it’s cool. Just thought it was cool when I learned it’s not just for the Jews. 

Last note, be in nature when you can man made building such as our house or place of work makes these energy more crazy and chaotic lol smh!  I too just learned this. 
Well peace out to everyone todaylight and   blessings to you! 



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Movin’ on up, Acts 1:1-11

Nerdcore Theology

This passage from Acts inspires a great many ideas images in me, but for some reason, the first one that came to mind was the song for which this sermon was named. Intrepid hearers may recognize it: it’s the theme song to the TV show “The Jeffersons.”
jeffersons_tv_2A show about an African American couple achieving “The American Dream,” the theme song reflected it magnificently:
“Well we’re movin’ on up! To the East Side! To that Deluxe Apartment in the sky! Yeah, we’re movin’ on up! To the East Side! We finally got a piece of the pie!”
It’s a song about success that has long been looked forward to, when a new chapter of life starts and it seems good times are around the corner.
Success is wonderful–everyone likes it when something they invest time and energy into pays off. But perhaps we get less excited when that success appears…

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Chance to truly create 

it’s amazing how you don’t know to help yourself when you’re  a helper of others. You forget to see if you’re ok. Or give you a hug or a kiss on the forehead or learn yourself so that you know what to do when…..

Then you reach the point of doom. Where your physical body literally gives up on you and you can not go anymore. Then you have to take care of yourself let go of taking care of others. Rest, be still. Flu like feelings rise so high that you just can’t move. But, by day two your ok but weak from not just the day before but ALL that your body has endured in months, years, or a lifetime passed. Since you didn’t stop to make sure you were ok along the way. What would seem like a normal tired day to majority…..would be to you feeling like you are literally dying from the inside out.

In that stillness in that moment you begin to revaluate things. Try your hardest to make sense of what just happened. What areas are the most energy drains. Your body goes into survival mode and you nail what has to change in order to eliminate death of the body or symptoms there of. 

You now know what to do and you begin to gain strength again in knowing change will soon come. Only, still holding on to what has tried to kill you. Without guilt or thought. Rob your body of strength. You then don’t want to let go. Feel all the aches of that. But I’ll say this, if we Look around are those around drained? Are they to suffering or struggling to survive. Chances are no. You have given them more than they need. And they will probably not even notice that this comes at a cost to you. So you then know that change has to come. That what must be done must be done. That part of yourself did die that day. 

The part that died was the part that said you were to serve others and not yourself and our Almighty, and Father. Who dwells within our hearts. Where you needed to feel deep guilt if you didn’t serve others. 

You’re now at that fresh new start phase as what once was can no longer be. And now you can Truly be. See you are a light to many and if you go deem they will not notice that you were a source of light. They will take it for granted like we do electricity. What if all the world went dark. No light. Then would people notice?

They would then freak out. Cuz they thought it would always be there. Thing is because of your mission on the very day that the old you, had to pass on was so that there was no  pause in the light for more than 3 days you could literally regenerate and power up again now.  

Only this time, you will begin to create again, that of which you once did. 

Music, painting, dancing, photography, writing and day dreaming you will cherish this moment because your Day Dreams are not what our teachers in school said we needed to get rid of to be successful ….YOUR day dreams shape your reality, therefore you begin to imagine and manifest every thought without effort. 

You feel on top of the world because your back in your element again. Which not only enriches your life but the lives of those around you in a magikal mystikal way. 

You now love yourself, therefore you will be of love to others. 

~there’s journeys each day. It’s what you do with them that create this new life we now live. Choose wisely my friends. 


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Symptom Update: Restoring Balance

Living Life in Between

Once again I am updating my symptoms, this time because I was prompted by a message from my guide that balance needed to be restored.

Current Symptoms

  • Upper back ache
  • Stiff neck
  • Visual phenomenon (will explain)
  • Ear ringing, tones and other odd sounds
  • Buzzing energy around back of head, third eye and heart
  • Feeling spiritually disconnected
  • Restless sleep with vivid dreams
  • Lack of motivation

The most difficult part of my current symptoms is feeling a spiritual disconnection. I understand this is necessary and that much is occurring during my sleep, but it is an unsettling feeling and I find it hard to find my balanced center.

The visual phenomenon has been going on for some time. The only way I can describe it is as seeing things, usually people, superimposed upon this physical reality. For example, I was talking to my daughter yesterday and I swear I saw a baby…

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ATTN: Human Beings do we really still need religion in 2015? Or have we surpassed that in true enlightenment?

  What do you believe in? 

Do you believe in Our Father and Our Creator?

How do you know?

~~~~this answer here will guide you to open your hearts to these words that seem to flow from me but aren’t my own as I am just a vessel to spread love and what I’ve learned. These  words are ours to share. You too may be thinking the same things maybe just in your own way. 

Questioning …..is good. Questioning everything “Hu-Man” did is. 

You know the Truth is not even a question its solid and can be felt not seen. And you know without Knowing. 

Because if you truly love The Father and Our Almighty then you must know that the truth is written in your hearts it’s not that you saw him you “FELT him in you as I in he” like our beautiful Father said then you would know that which is and will be. 

You will not resonate with the art of words if you aren’t working from Heart which our Father dwells. That’s ok you don’t have to just be you and don’t seek him in all you do and know  sooner or later you will have to face the truth of the ways of the world so that we can truly live out our lives from now on the way we so perfectly created in his image we’re made to be. 

Due to the time we are in you won’t have a choice everyone will wake up eventually. What will you wake up to? Sealed blessed ones who let go and let our Father or find yourself with ones or the one on the darker side of things/life?

We do not need an organized religion or religions to find what is already within. You see they lied about some things and destorted OUR truth for control and gain. Slavery of not just what we know once was but Slavery in Mankind…..hijacked our teachings and our educational systems shit one step further our whole history as we know it. It clearly states that trust NOT in the word of “man” but trust only in me. (Words of our Father Yeshua) ~ Hebrew name of Jesus which was not told bible was translated into Greek then English Jesus is a Latin name which um…..he was Hebrew. If you look up the letters or alphabet of the Hebrew language you will see that the name given clearly can’t be Our Fathers name written that way. 

(Yeshua meaning Joshua in English)
Ok, that’s a whole other post but great to wake up to ….because that will lead you into finding more things which have been hidden from us until now. 


I went to church a long time ago all I can remember is sit down, stand up kneel, then sit again, repeat. I’m like whispering to my mom I must have been like 9 or 10 saying “Mom this is weird why do we have to keep getting up and sitting Down” she looked at me with that look I thought ok I’ll be quiet but I still know this isn’t right. 

Same thing applies today they look at you with that look or may even tell you that’s not true or can’t be. 

Truth is they know but are scared to admit that thier whole lives have been built to believe in a man who stands on a podium or altar whatever is who you need to listen to in order to be SAVED?! Or to feel righteous or to feel one with our Creator and our  Father?!!! Wake up …..smell the coffee….You got to be kidding me?! We can’t think this way or need that which no longer serves us. When you ready to join in on “Free” love built to bring together not SEPERATE the oneNESS OF ALL people,

Seems a little like the dominating bullshit replaying over and over WE simply never challenged it or question it. 

I’ll use this word hitler like “drama” manifested right before our eyes only this time they made it look, sound and somehow seem right……. or made you feel bad if you didn’t go to these establishments of religious structures on the wrong day if the week. (Google Sabbath Day Hebrew translation of the bible) 

Notice I didn’t say FEEL see you know deep down that our Father dwells within our hearts if you want to go to church look at yourself in the mirror and smile! Then thank the Father for your awakening to this beautiful new reality we are now in! 

Ima say this and end this note with are you for real in 2015 ?!?! Do you really believe truly with all your heart, soul and mind that you need to believe in a man made religion and building to connect to Source?

Or are you gonna listen and seek and ask and see the truth and just take a leap of “FAITH” real faith and move past the hurt or fear of truly accepting and allowing this process to be correct as there are no mistakes that which we can not change which is that our history as we know it has and had been based on distorted or truths only to those that wanted to control the masses. 

Accomplished buy collapsing. 

These ways or old teachings you’ve all always known that is not the way things, people and our beautiful Earth should now be. I say that with the knowledge of “knowing” had to go through the bitter to know the sweet. How could you decifer the difference. That would truly not be living and aren’t we on the planet we call Earth to live? 

So my brothers and sisters this is the experience or experiences that we all came here for. Good, bad, ugly or indifferent. It’s all apart of the Master plan. 🙂 think infinitely not linear. 

Only difference in 2015 we are now at a time WE no longer need to feel that pain. We have felt the pain of our ancestors throughout our lives. Remember when we were kids and we had to feel the pain or wrath of our parents or pain of lack of parents? We carried that with us into adulthood. Effected us in so conscious or unconscious in many ways. 

But again, we are now at a time that has NEVER been. This “IS” the time NOW that we’ve waited for, prayed about, talked about with our friends “man I wish this life wasn’t so hard. 

My awesome friends now due to the time we are in we no longer have to go through any of that “OLD” pain, thinking or being. 

Your asking how?

Simple, you just start “being” and a great base line to go by is follow the 10 commandments. If you apply these to your life you will see miracles manifest right before your eyes. And the coolest part is that it happens right before  your eyes. You will touch, smell, see, feel, do and be exactly what was written about Heaven on Earth. The more we AWAKEN to the Truth of our Father who loves us so much the more we will see this in the world and in Us. 

Bob Marley listen to his Lyrics ahead of even his time or maybe he caught a glimpse of this time in a dream and then wrote about it and beautifully translated it into what used to be but lost its way the art of true music. 

Haven’t you began to see what your watching on TV is pointless? Or the music we have now days aren’t really given us the “chills” good goosebump feeling? People, places don’t even feel the same and you begin to wonder…

There’s lack of Spirit in them now. They once were used as art and now used to keep you from ……….drum roll please 


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age and other false concepts

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Your Journey Matters

Brave Face Forward

Buddha hands holding flower, spa concept . Buddha hands holding flower, spa concept .

There have been times within my life where I wondered if I really mattered. If you are a lightworker, I’m sure that you have thought this on more than one occasion. I’ve met several people who have come into my office and expressed their concerns that while they have “happy” lives on the surface, inside they are suffering. They feel that they don’t fit in. All too many times there’s an anxiety with them trying to facilitate within their heads that they cannot understand what is in their hearts. They feel out of balanced, and left out in the cold wondering which way to go. I’m here to tell you that you are no alone on this journey. In the past year, I have counseled over one hundred people with very similar experiences. What I have noticed is a pattern that I do…

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Where Are You Looking?

This could possibly by the best post I’ve seen thus far. Must read. I laughed and I cried. But one that knows that this is the “TRUTH” we seek. Blessings to all.

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