Energy update 6-19-15

  This past week has been sort of a dream like state where you do all the normal motions but you can sense something’s changed. 

What now you think. You look around and see that when your out and about people, places all seem to be either have gone mad or are in a dream like state themselves just going with the flow. 

Only thing that really shocked me was the week long shift in thinking able to see everything as clearly as can be without any goggles only thing when you actually look you see where things need focus, help, attention. You do a whole quick analysis of everything and see where you need to make immediate change in order to be happy, be true to you, do what you need. You see where all your energy is going and getting lost in translation as you and that dang time and space thing has no time you just feel mad about wasting anymore of that time you can no longer measure. 

The whole world and everyone you hold dear turns to labeling you or finding a label or critizing you and you’ve lost your breath to keep pushing your point your truth no one wants to listen. 

You quickly realize what you’ve always known. This is your journey and your journey alone whether you share it with others no one is you, can be or will be. Why would you think they’d understand they can’t your ahead of even their time. Not by choice by sheer that’s the cards ya got dealt deal. You love them deeply but just look at them and just want to shake your head as there’s no reasoning with the majority. 

Again, feel like a fish out of water or the black sheep. Sad because I’m the girl who loves to be different …..who is different and always has been. Oh goodness am I finally caving into can’t beat em join em? 

Uuhhhh! Well, here’s to this next week keeping my sights set on finding more ways to be ok with being the only one in my circle who is like me. I’ll be content for a while but Father I’m asking you to send those who are too like me who understand the way things should be and the way I am cuz they to are that way. In their own way. 

Uniquely, throwing in the towel on the chaos that try’s to control minds but somehow doesn’t effect mine. 

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