When you can see it and for some reason they can’t ….


What does it mean to be in this world but not of this world? 

I’m not one to say I know what it may mean to you or all or anyone else but I do know what it means to me and that is the law and love of my Father is written in my heart, mind and soul. 

Now that may sound deep, may sound hard to carry around or may sound overzealous in speaking on this topic but reality is its easy, feels great and is absolutely the best gift to have in this world. With this gift your actions, thoughts, words and love for yourself and others comes from a place where you were taught these exact things from a place not of this world. 

And so I bring it back to the beginning of this post in saying what does it mean to be in this world but not of it?

Remember where you came from. Quiet your mind down so you can remember what it is you already know to do, be, see or do. 

Unfortunately, in the world there are no teachers that can replace or reteach what once was and always will be. 

For see, the only hard part is while not being of this world but living in it can cause you to loose sight to who you are and why your here. But hold tight, have faith, patience. You will be delivered from this if only you hold tight to what it is you know have known and always will know. 

If you don’t try and remember or if you’ve lost sight of what’s right…. the dark side of life will swoop in and get you by having you face the very thing you fear. 

Is the dark side bad? I’ll say this after all my trials and tribulations I’d say no. It’s what brought me closer to the light. It’s what checked my ass when I needed it and showed me what to gain strength in so that those are no longer weaknesses or fears. So that I can overcome any obstacle not on my own but again back to the basics of what we were taught from a place outah from this world. 

You have fears that stop you from holding our fathers laws in your heart with out thought or effort it fears that stop these from just coming  natural? Then you need to write those fears down. Figure them out. What’s the opposite of that fear. Overcome it have faith and love and surpass even your self in this game we call life. 

It’s then you can feel the smile from within and above and nothing and no one can stop you but our Lord or yourself. Then you’ll be walking the walk and talking the talk. 

Anyone can say a bunch of stuff about a bunch of stuff to impress others or make themselves feel a certain way for a time being. God bless their little hearts as this impression doesn’t last and that light can quickly go dim. Love thy neighbor but don’t rely on them. 

Always in search of new light. If they are not whole from within and one with our Father no matter how good that all looks they live of and for this world and you shouldn’t look to them as in people, places or situations because this world is only a stepping stone to where we are headed if headed at all. 

Look to those not of this world. Who see things past this world who speak of things You can feel in your heart and soul and mind. These will be the ones you know you will see again. 

We are here to guide spread and walk the word we know as the Truth while maintaining our core key values. We are here to guide others but we are not their saviors you can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink. Smile nod know when your guidance is up. Continue spreading love. If you find the ones that drink because they can hear the call too but got lead astray meet them at the waters and nod smile tell them to keep it up and never forget their walk to the water in which now quenches their thirst. 

I can only say I was inspired to write this because at times I do take on more than I think I can and I do sometimes want to be the savior for others that may not be ready. I would feel sad or feel confused as to why they don’t know what to do already or where to turn. But then I get inspirational thoughts that sometimes are beyond me just like this one that tells me if I am following and if I am guiding and have patience and love that I never fail and I never make a mistake because I did what I was set out to do. It’s not my fight to figure it out for everyone else. But it is my fight to keep my spirit and love as one without sadness because I know I did what I know and was taught I was supposed to do. 

Conventional or unconventional truth is truth and love is love and a calling is a calling even if that calling makes no sense to others. 

Today I’m praying for my Father to place rest inside my heart so that I feel no pain or fear of what would happen if no one around me heard my messages I feel are meant for them but they refuse to see. I pray I maintain strength to keep smiling even if the outcome isn’t what I wanted it’s all apart of the master plan. 

So what is it to be in the world but not of it? Nothing in this world can ever change my strength in my Lord. Nothing or no one. 

~ Ash

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