Check Our Feed The Power of the Soul and the Power of the Mind ~ Celia Fenn ~ May 17, 2015



This is truly a lovely read that for me, provides clear guidance on what to think, what to believe, and knowledge on how to get my “spiritual” matters in-hand. Lot’s of truths are coming our now about our government, the ET activity seen all around the globe, and of course…the ugliness of the global financial scene.We here lot’s of folks talking about the political ramifications of this treaty, or that”action”, about the scientific advances from global scientists, we may read spiritual advice which is confusing because we don’t have enough background to know how to apply the words we read. Yes, it can all be very confusing!

This article, written by Celia Finn , breaks all the talk and words and news down to one simple action that solves everything. At this point in Earth’s history,  to remain clear it is important to only remember one thing…how does your heart

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