Newest Symptoms 5-23-15

  ~throat feeling like it is closing or blockage in the throat area

~Eating of meats and a large variety of foods aren’t wanted or needed to sustain energy but the body no only can handle protien meal replacement drinks or fruit or veggie blends drinks only

~Heightened senses, hearing, seeing and feeling but not the normal sense are being sensed but a new form of all 5 or 6 very new to the ear, eye, nose, mouth, hands. 

~Confusing to the mind as there are no material yet available to understand this stage or level in process. 

~Bible teaching or reading of the Hebrew Bible English translation seems to be the only thing that truly makes sense. 

~Teachings of the original Hebrew names, Yeushua (true name of our Father) you can not spell Jesus in Hebrew the letters do not form in the original Hebrew language. Yeushua, Joseph (English) 

~Everything is new and different and you begin to follow a Journey which is taken you on instead of you taken it.

~Electronics will stop working, cell phone, laptop, tablets, tv or cable box, complete power surges in home. (One day then the next day back on~without explanation) toys that are off will go on with sound but still be in off setting. 

All I have for now. Hardest part is the food intake change.

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