Top 10 Signs of Ascension

Kaz Windness

“I feel buzzy,” you say. “My ears are ringing,” you say. “What is happening to me?” you ask. “And what the heck is vegan leather?”

You have questions, I have answers. But not about vegan leather. I don’t have the first clue what that is, but as a general rule, I don’t recommend eating it.

So, maybe you’ve heard about ascension. Quick explanation. This planet is going from the third dimension to the fourth, and then rapidly on to some other cool stuff, but first things first. The vibration of the planet is rising. And all the inhabitants of Earth who weren’t born into this higher vibration are getting tuned up to the new level so their heads don’t explode or whatever. (Solid science, folks!)


Everyone is experiencing the symptoms of ascension, but some are feeling it more noticeably than others. Some of us elected to shift earlier so we could help others through…

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